Writing is a demon muse from Hell.

Once upon a time I was great at everything.

In grade school I won every award imaginable (even penmanship), broke the record for the most gold stars and kicked some major ass at dodgeball. My high school years never saw a diet, a bad hair day or a pimple.  And I was always asked to prom.

Then I started writing. 

Like the survivor of some tragic car accident, I blocked out the exact moment when I first decided to write. I am only able to recall events of the aftermath; like a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes and a week’s worth of neglected showers. I even gave myself something called “ulnar palsy”, apparently caused by overworking my left pinky on the shift key. Really.

Since I started writing I’ve lost most of my hair, gotten hemorrhoids due to prolonged sitting and have developed a furrow in my brow that no amount of Botox can touch. I’m also shorter somehow.

But I can’t stop. I’ve never done ANYTHING I couldn’t master almost immediately, and I have become obsessed with the challenge of writing novels. Or short stories. Or essays. Bathroom stall literature. Anything.

It doesn’t matter what genre, what POV, or how many I write at the same time (I have three in various stages of completion), I am compelled to write. When I’m not writing I’m learning about writing, or publishing or marketing. And of course, reading.

What I find I do not do often is blog. There are so many characters and stories swirling around in my head that are infinitely more interesting than anything having to do with me, that I struggle to find something about myself to offer in a post.

So here I am: The world’s suckiest writer.

(My spell checker just let me know that “suckiest” is not a word.)



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3 responses to “Writing is a demon muse from Hell.

  1. Wow, I really enjoyed this very much! From this I think your an awesome writer. I’ve never been much to try and write until a few months ago. I’m not one for novels or short stories because I have to much of an A.D.D. complex. I’m definitely going to go and read some more of your posts! Keep up the awesome work!


  2. That was pretty awesome, like Life said you seem like you’re a pretty good writer just by going from this and Cliff Dive.

  3. Jamie Lee Wallace

    It may disrupt what we think of as a “perfectly normal” existence, but the urge to write will ultimately open up worlds to the persistent practitioner. It can make you feel like a god, but can also deal the most humbling blows. “Demon muse” is a wonderful way to describe this experience of dancing along the edge of the artistic knife. Such a journey!

    Great post. Though you may not write often, I’ll look fwd to reading more.

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